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  1. Wow! Isn't great to live in a country that has such a Powerful Free Press that they have to check up on a little lady hangin' around on a porch in Broad Ripple? Must not be anything 'portant going on in the World. So how does it feel to know that you have struck Fear into the Heart of New York Liberaldom? And what does the sound of the Lamentations of their Women really sound like?

  2. Yea T Bone,It’s not at the pace of the Bolshevik revolution or “coup” as Hoff would say.It’s a little better described as communism “lite”, less filling as it’s introduced slower through the politically correct mantra.But much more destructive.and yes, The part about the mexicants is spot on.

  3. OK, so Dan Lidar asked me to include a note about this in the next Quantum Times which brings up the fact that I need a cover story. All you Quantum Info people out there!! I need a cover story for the next issue which is supposed to come out sometime in the next 3-4 weeks!!! E-mail me if you have an idea.

  4. One big reason Weiner gets away with his expressed POV, such as it is, is because our POTUS himself takes his own language from Israel’s chief spokeman–here’s a great article on Obama’s “policy” regarding Israel, and how he modifies his words, depending upon every next phrasing and euphemism out of the mouth of Bibi:

  5. I’m so glad I just checked back in on your site and read this entry. Just ran my first marathon Sunday (Nike!) and although it was the experience of a lifetime, I was less than pleased with my performance and am still feeling disappointed. The wheels fell off my well-oiled machine at mile 17 and I got so far in my head, it snowballed. I, too, walked – something I had never done in all of training. I finished in 4:30. I had been shooting for close to 4:00. Two days later … I’m looking forward to the redemption marathon. Thanks for sharing that they do exist!

  6. Det var en vacker video…bortsett frÃ¥n ingressen… Var själv barn i slutet av 1950-talet. Minnesbilder kommer tillbaka… Det som finns kvar av det gamla Sverige, bör man lÃ¥sa in pÃ¥ ett hembygdsmuseum… sÃ¥ att nästa generation kan fÃ¥ se hur det en gÃ¥ng sÃ¥g ut.Ut med det djävla islampacket. NU!Sedan gör vi upp med landsförrädarna pÃ¥ landets tidningsredaktioner och i regeringskansliet och pÃ¥ alla lokala kommunalkontor…

  7. Why should I be paying dumb people's kids to get good grades? Seriously though kidding aside, if someone's family doesn't value schooling/education I'm not sure that bribing the parents will do much good.If they're on assistance they may not have the wherewithal to know how to get the best out of a bad situation in the first place.But whether or not this solution would work it would be anathema to everyone else who is already working hard and playing by the rules. It's politically unfeasible.

  8. Eu citesc Fantoma. Si sincer am observat schimbari dramatice in forma in care a scris noua autoare a seriei. Din pacate se repeta la figurile de stil si nu ma capteaza atat de mult actiunea, cum ma capta seria Intoarcerea… Se vede ca e scrisa de alta autoare. Si apropo de mult imi doresc sa citesc setea, dar nu am avut ocazia. Sa imi spui si mie cum este. :>

  9. TM jak widać mistrzem retoryki nie jest, jak widać do robienia kasy nie jest to potrzebne. Jak ma się spółkę na giełdzie to proponuję znaleźć kogoś kto lepiej się do wywiadów nadaje.Raz było 80% srebra w Polsce, potem 60% dilerów kupuje u niego, a ja sądzę, że jest to udział mniejszy niż każda z tych liczb.

  10. Cái Hyouka ấy hán việt là "Băng quả" nghÄ©a là trái cây Æ°á»›p đá hoặc trái cây đá bào… kiểu đại loại thế… dùng kem trái cây thì nghÄ©a cÅ©ng gần giống vậy rồi 😀

  11. Moje maminka mÄ› mÄ›la taky v 35 a o její "výdrži" uvažuju podobnÄ› jako Martinka do teď – a to mi je 26 🙂 ProstÄ› vás (maminky) máme rády a chceme si vás užít co nejdéle a cítíme se oproti vrstevníkům trochu oÅ¡izení 🙂 Teď se ale situace obrátila a na svůj pokročilý vÄ›k upozorňuje sama maminka, protože "se chce dožít vnoučátek" – a tak se mÄ› snaží dohnat ke zplození potomka :)A samozÅ™ejmÄ› vÅ¡e dobré k narozeninám pÅ™eju…

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  14. the woman had most of the idicators of being a socipath. And that type of personality can usually get away with doing most anything until eventually they get so over come by their own magnificense that they finally get caught.Think about this – do you know any (normal) mom who doesn't go into a damn near panic-attack if her rugrat(s) disappear for longer then a minute or so?

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  16. I wouldn’t say it was technically cheating but it’s a HUGE problem in my book! I don’t understand isn’t naked women porn?You need to seek counseling for the two of you. He is obviously needing something, and you obviously don’t have it. That’s not being rude, it could be an addiction to porn, or maybe he’s into strangers? You never know unless you get into counseling.

  17. I am putting this in my crock pot tonight. I doubled the recipe cause I have 5 to feed. Looking forward to having some yummy oatmeal in the morning. Recipes like this will be awesome when it is actually cold outside. Right now it is still getting into the high 70′s low 80′s on some days. I will report back tomorrow with the outcome. Amber

  18. Happy Blog-Birthday! Mach um Gottes Willen so weiter wie bisher. Ich Habe Dich zwar erst jetzt gefunden, aber ich finde Deinen Blog einfach Super. Die Bilder sind grandios und die Downloads (für die Frühstücksbeutel…..) einfach Hammer. Ich schaue fast täglich bei Dir vorbei und es macht mich einfach glücklich ;o) ganz liebe Grüsse von Annett

  19. Hi Susan, I had to tell you how much I enjoyed your dishes. May I come live with you? Your house seems exactly as my sister and I would decorate ours. My husband is an out of sight person and could never handle the collections so I must live vicariously through you, but that is throughly enjoyable.

  20. I applaud your willingness to go back and do the research and post it BUT my feeling about the comment on Hometalk is–::: that sure sounds like a comment made about a product from which they//the commentor likely get a kick back..::: Your dutchboy product has worked fine for thousands of folks and will continue to. all things HOME require maintenance:-)

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  22. PWS, My opin­ion on Baker is, at this point, more instinct than any­thing else and I cer­tainly could be mis­taken, as I’ve haven’t researched the issue and don’t intend to.  It just seems to me that there’s an argu­ment to be made the court did not con­sider and/​or directly address, on a sub­stan­tive basis, an explicit ban on same sex mar­riages.  Self­ishly (I sup­pose) I’d like to see the rea­son­ing that would sup­port the con­clu­sion that Lov­ing is dis­tin­guish­able with respect to same sex mar­riage.   How­ever, I’m fully aware that the SCOTUS has no oblig­a­tion to cater to my self­ish wishes lol. Â

  23. La Chiesa non impone a nessuno i suoi precetti, ma ha il diritto-dovere di rivolgersi in primis a coloro che si ritengono cristiani, particolarmente ai cattolici, e poi a tutti gli uomini lasciando ognuno di agire secondo coscienza. D’altra parte, qualsiasi organismo, partito, associazione richiesde che siano rispettate le regole che si danno. se uno non le vuole accettare, ne esce fuori. è sempre la sua coscienza che risponde.

  24. Kako,Ya ando por aquí de nuevo!!! He estado más que perdida!!!Si tu dices que es operación bikini, yo te creo y con los ojos cerrados me pondré a hacer este kuchen que tiene una pinta espectacular.Tus fotos son fantásticas!!!Besos,IDania

  25. I’m sorry to hear that Teresa! We have been inspired by some of our friends who have moved into being mobile mechanics, slinging paninis and espresso at festivals, selling at craft fairs, painting houses, mobile handyman…. We know a few people who have regular income and homes and augment their income by picking up odd jobs on Craigslist.The opportunities are out there, but like a smart friend just told me, “It has to be one of your top priorities or you won’t be able to make it work… it’ll look like sacrifice instead.”

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  27. Mark F / February 26, 2010I’m not crazy about ribbon interfaces but I use them. It still seems slower to get some things done in Word using the Ribbon, for example.But I’m not one of those that “hates” going back to earlier Office versions having used them for many years, like many others (and I don’t understand why anyone would have a problem; some people must have short attention spans or lack skill sets; the pull-down menus are actually intuitive).Reply

  28. I’m a little disappointed in you, Burnsy. I expected better. I understand that not every knows (or cares) about The Dark Knight Returns. I’m not that big of a fan of it myself. But it doesn’t take much to Wikipedia the title and see that Robin was a girl then, as well. I probably wouldn’t even comment if it wasn’t for the fact that this was the title of the article and you are basically just trolling everyone.

  29. 今晚爸教了我如何極速炮製三餸一湯的晚飯。首先煲滾水,把預備豆腐、切好的薯仔和紅蘿蔔,落鑊,林左就可以把豆腐、薯仔、紅蘿蔔撈起,第一道菜。接著把一尾魚(最好游水魚,乜魚都得)放回同一個鑊,熟後撈起,加上豉油,第二道菜。再把西蘭花倒進同一個鑊,林左又可以撈起,都係加豉油,第三道菜。剩下來的湯已經吸收了各種餸菜的精華,甚麼調味料(如鹽、ç³–)也不用加,即可飲用,味道清淡得來帶魚香味,很好喝。找天有空真的可以煮下飯仔。

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  33. you got it at value village?! argh i once saw this corset there but i thought i'd never wear it so i didn't buy it (this other girl dove furiously for it after i walked away… it was very unnerving) and now i wish i'd bought it! /exclaimationpoint x ten= =sigh.anyway, i wanted to say you lookz prettyz todayz. and i wanna go to vv again. soon. VERY soon.

  34. The Mocha cake can be baked at 180 degrees centigrade (did I skip that? Let me go rectify it!) It is a lovely moist cake, and I’d serve it for dessert with a side of mascarpone or heavy cream whipped with a little vanilla and a dusting of coffee. The Vanilla cake in the Birthday Cake recipe will work beautifully as a carrier for cream and pineapple, but if you’re still getting berries there, why don’t you do a cream and berry combo–that will be great as well. If they love Pineapple, they will love the tartness and sweetness of the berries. So glad you’re back! Hugs!

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  41. ”Hän ei hae uutta miestä vaan vaihtelua, piristystä ja jännitystä.”Eikös nämä olleetkaan niitä ”miehen motiiveja”?Koska ainakaan nämä femmen listaamat naisen motiivit pettää ei tuossa näy…”naiset pettävät saadakseen hyvää seksiä ja sitä sitten riittävästi. Naiset pettävät myös, jos heitä ei huomioida oman kumppanin taholta. Naiset pettävät myös saadakseen läheisyyttä, hellyyttä ja ihmisen joka kuuntelee tai on ainakin läsnä.”Mutta ymmärrän toki, että femme listaa nuo omansa koska ne nähtävästi ovat ne joihin oman mahdollisen toimintansa perustaisi…

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  43. My Sis, her boyfriend, my 3 kids and I have always had our tradition on her side of Washington. Well, we’re switching things up this year. And you are it! So if you show us a great time..our traditional “Punkin Time” will be spent with you from now on! C’mon Country Mercantile Mama needs a new pair of shoes! Or a Family Pass! Haha! Thank You!

  44. I hate beta, its so hard to find everything, and the old video pages are so hard to find. Why are you forcing us to switch to beta? This is ridiculous and beta sucks and blows. Youtube, you forget what makes YOU rich, and that would be US. Don't piss US off, you've done enough already. DO NOT CHANGE!

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  49. That IS Grape jelly beyond a shadow of a doubt. Come on, it’s purple as grape jelly comes. They stopped what they were doing. The doctor walked away and just left the patient hanging while they talked about nonsensical stuff. Come on, total fake! Poor job of it too.

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  51. Jason, you make a great point. Sustainability has no “one size fits all” option. It’s all about doing what works for you. I’m sure that living on a hobby farm provides a lot of opportunities to preserve resources that many of us city dwellers aren’t able to take advantage of.

  52. Glad to see you at last Julia – you got stuck in the timewarp too! I wonder what the spam filter thought was in our messages Good luck to you – and everyone – who is brave enough to enter NaNo this month – that’s more than I dare do! But I hope you get lots of words as a result

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  56. i am currently reviewing twenty plays and this post verifies that I am not insane in suspecting that many playwrights think they are writing films. The other thing that is driving me nuts is people being shot and stabbed on stage (film again?). And where are the strong female characters? Thanks for making my day!

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  64. You really did capture their personalities. One of my favorites is the one of her holding her doll next to the stool. Even though she is not smiling you can see her sweetness showing through. The pictures are vibrant and fun. Very professional.

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  66. What I don't understand is why some people feel the need to call him a fag and a cock sucker and all that shit… that's even more annoying than his stupid videos. You don't need to personally attack someone because you don't like what they're doing. It's always homophobic guys too, like calm down, he's not going to touch you.

  67. I'm always amazed at what simple gratitude will do for your spirit – both accepting it, and giving it. I'm going to try to say "thank you" to the people who make my coffee drinks, give me room in traffic, and open the door for me. I'm hoping that my gratitude will then spread to doing those things for me… Let's hope!

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