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  1. DKL, this is where I think the proxy work of Jewish people would break down, for the most part. I’m guessing that much of the proxy work that has been done for Jewish people has been done by genealogy enthusiasts who are of no relation to the Jewish people. If, on the other hand, it can be demonstrated that a Jewish convert to the church is doing proxy work for his/her own ancestors, there is no reason to apologize.

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  3. …….and just to be clear about what I’m saying above, the AVN does not qualify as a “sceptics group”! A group of incredibly paranoid individuals who generally think that the entire world is conspiring to kill them or make them sick, yes. A group which expresses rational scepticism, no. So being associated with such a group and writing journal articles about vaccination is an entirely different matter to being in a genuine sceptics group and writing the same type of article. Chalk and cheese.

  4. RobertSeptember 27, 2012David & Barbara:I continue to enjoy your postings as you venture south. I just wanted you both to know how enjoyable reading your entries is for those of us living this experience from shore. The pictures are wonderful and capture the moment of each area that you visit. I follow your route via my trusty map and mark the different items you mention in each blog.Continued safe travels. I look forward to the next postings and pictures.

  5. The problem is:A lot of people have a lot of financial reasons to declare TV dead. Others have political or work related reasons to do so.People have fretted over the death of TV for years. And whilst I hate to say Lovemarks is right… it is accurate when it talks about TV being reduced but still part of a group of media we use.

  6. in it are so-so, but it’s very interesting for the most part. I particularly enjoyed Stephen Jay Gould’s piece on Kircher’s paeleontological views, & Paula Findlen’s about the reception & considerable influence of Kircher’s works in late 17thC New Spain. I also splashed out on a copy of Athanasius Kircher: Itinerario del Éxtasis o las Imágenes de un Saber Universal, published by Siruela, Madrid, which is like having the contents of that Stanford gallery web-site of all the images from Kircher’s many tomes printed in a single, big, beautifully-produced book (albeit with Spanish text.)

  7. Márti szerint:Kedves Szilvia!Köszönöm a tömör összefoglalót. Még csak most kezdtem foglalkozni a paleo diétával. Olvasgatok róla, gyűjtöm az információkat, melyek alapján máris elkezdtem kiváltani egy-két élelmiszert. Várom következő leveledet, mert még sok kérdőjel van bennem. Én allergiás vagyok. Ha ezt sikerülne minimalizálni az már nagy siker lenne!

  8. Szia,először is szeretnék gratulálni a bloghoz, ez az egyik kedvencem, rendszeresen főzöm is a receptjeidet! azt szeretném megtudni, hogy ezt a típusú müzlit hol lehet beszerezni? culinaris és hasonlók tartják? sima közértben gondolom nincs.. előre is köszi.

  9. Medical literature requires technical, exacting language. Calling piriformis syndrome just ‘piriformis’ is like referring to renal failure as ‘kidney.’ You will not see either of those in published medical literature.

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  12. Esta parte “técnica” me hizo falta, pero bueno, se entiende que en un taller dar estos datos es algo así como que inaplicable, y aun me surge la duda, antes de cualquier “valor” estos se definen en los términos “bueno” y “malo”, y aun no me queda claro eso, “bueno para quien” “malo para quien” por que lo que es bueno es bueno aquí y en China, espero pongas la definición de “bondad”

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  16. 沒法認同「元宵」是「湯丸」çš„「正式名稱」,因為兩個名字意思不同,也流行於不同的地區,根本是地方方言的問題。 坦白講,我只能接受正月十五晚上吃的湯丸叫「元宵」。難道你說廣式婚慶習俗裏面新人「上頭」後吃的湯丸也要改稱「元宵」å—Ž?別說笑了!元宵吃元宵沒問題,其他時候吃的,根本就不該叫元宵!  普通話由於以北方方言為基礎,少說「匙」(這個字倒見於「鑰匙」一詞),用了「勺子」來代替,所以兩個詞語都不多見於近代的書面語裏,只是我一輩子沒有聽過人說「羹匙」,說匙羹的就差不多每個說廣東話的都這麼說……    

  17. And when cooked whole as other beans are, they [Soy Beans] don’t become appealingly creamy; since they contain a negligible amount of starch, their texture remains somewhat firm.That’s the Harold McGee On Food and Cooking prognostication for election. I think it might have something to do with the Greens.

  18. "All the other country's do socialism, do communism, fascism, etc., and they all suck compared to us in nearly all aspects."…The U.S.A. is built on fascism. Your ancestors invaded this continent, killed the natives, then claimed it to be their country. I'm happy to live in Europe were we value human rights more than you U.S. citizens.

  19. God I love the Bias and complete one way tunnel vision thinking that members of this website possess. I suppose a rational, fair observations that take the opinions of both sides into consideration requires either too much time and effort or is quicker to simplify the entire situation in order to make a point. Either way, NRTWC shows its true colors once again. We know who is feeding your purse!

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  21. ** mi teclado hace lo que quiere y no tiene acentos hoy **Doy fe de que para ti ademas de importante era muy especial. Lo mismo para mi, yo que voy a decir… Que el lugar era idilico, que el dia estaba impresionante, que son los novios mas guapos del mundo y que tenian al mejor fotografo. Sin duda.

  22. Astro ni patut tutup je, punca perpecahan kaum di Malaysia, asingkan kaum berdasarkan saluran Melayu, Cina, India. Dahlah sekolah pun lain2, tengok TV pun lain2 saluran. Itulah sebabnya sampai sekarang pun ada rakyat Malaysia x reti cakap Bahasa Malaysia. Lepas tu ada hati nk perjuangkan hak sama rata antara kaum. Kerajaan kena lihat isu ni, jurang antara kaum semakin melebar dan ada potensi besar untuk krisis hubungan antara kaum. Salah satu punca utama adalah sejak wujudnya ASTRO.

  23. mia è sicuramente un’affermazione netta e come tale non sempre verificata, ovviamente. Ma non è più campata in aria della tua fede in una scienza scevra da condizionamenti di vario tipo, economici e politici in primis. La scienza non è un’entità astratta, ma è fatta dagli uomini. E sappiamo tutti come si comportano gli uomini.

  24. Wilson Johann disse:Grande notícia essa do Rafale. Eu amo os franceses. Viva a republica francesa, viva e escolha brasileira do melhor caça da disputa, viva tudo o que está acontecendo no setor da defesa no Brasil. A maior, melhor e mais poderosa força aérea do continente é o que teremos em breve. Junto dessa magnífica notícia tem outra, de que a França deseja participar no desenvolvimento do KC-390 e acena com a possibilidade de adquirir, no mínimo, 10 unidades. Melhor impossível.Vive La France!

  25. i felt the same way about the new knitty! i’m glad it wasn’t just me; i worried that i’d become bored with knitting, or something. i went back a couple of times just to be sure i hadn’t missed something. oh well — they can’t all be wowie hits, i guess.

  26. October 6, 2011 Hey Lucy!What I think I might do is do a little series on some of the questions you asked. Is that OK? Sorry I’m taking some time though, currently in the beginning stages of my final year at Uni, while applying for Vicar stuff and holding down my job! Hope you’re well and having a good week

  27. Good …Search demoScorecardThe bad and I’m pretty shocked no-one seemed to notice! The Revenue Bar Chart. The numbers were correct, but the last too bars were not drawn to the correct scale. The 2006 one was a little too low and the 2007 bar was too high. Why did they do that? It is a great story without that!

  28. Martin, thaniks for your demo. You sold me on Sanyo with its 3mm titanium coated pot. I just bought (ordered on-line) the newer HC100s with fuzzy logic, 10 cups capacity and a few extra features as well like an extra pot and lid for slow cooking and the tofu tray. Oh, and it comes with a few of your recipes too.

  29. Voi kun tuollaista edes joskus tapahtuisi Suomessa. Sen sijaan täällä saa kiskoa perässään kiljuvaa kura-asuista lapsosta karkkihyllyn ohi. No onneksi ei ihan aina… 🙂 Tuota asiakaspalvelua on todella ikävä tuolta Amerikan maasta. Ja kuppi Starbucksin kahvia maistuisi kanssa. On mukava lueskella teidän elostanne siellä. Kyllä välillä vähän kaipaa sinne… 🙂 S

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  33. Hey,herzlichen Glückwunsch zum 100. Beitrag =)Ein super Gewinnspiel!Für mich gehört in jedes gutes Buch, dass immer genügend Spannung da ist und wichtig ist für mich auch, dass die Personen realistisch beschrieben werden. Wenn ich Personen zu unrealistisch finde, werden sie mir oft zu unsympatisch und sie nerven mich schnell. lgCarina

  34. after years and years im sure it does…and noive been smokin since i was 13 and im 16 now…. no wrinkles at all.i think it also depends on how much you smoke….smokin is a BAD habitsmoking cuts off oxygen from your body and i think thats why it causes wrinkles.References :

  35. Die Beschreibung erinnert mich an meine Bundeswehrzeit Anfang der 80ér Jahre in der Fehmarnsund-Kaserne. Es scheint sich ja nichts verändert zu haben. Ich kriege richtig Sehnsucht nochmals hin zu Fahren.Gibt es eigentlich noch den Westers – Salon?GrüßeMichael Boersma

  36. GracieteSobre a palavra camarada aprendi há vinte anos que os fascistas a torceram toda pois ensinavam ás tropas, no tempo do Salazar e do Marcelo, a tratarem-se por camaradas uns aos outros. Para mim gosto mais das palavras "amigo e camarada" ou "camarada amigo" dizem-me mais qualquer coisa sobre o meu interlocutor.Vitor sarilhos

  37. Üdv Mindenkinek!Őszintén, Sheenard, hacsak a zsűri el nem árulja, persze örökös titoktartás mellett, hogy az EU kulturális bizottságából hívták fel őket, hogy amennyiben nem a Diagnózis kapja a Zsoldos-díjat, akkor jövőre nincs egy fillér támogatás sem az országnak, nekem nem tudnak olyan szakmai érvet említeni, ami megváltoztatná a véleményem a könyvről és a díj odaítéléséről.Üdv: Wyquin

  38. seriously, if they even thought about wipes the game is definitely gonna have some major changes… at least in terms of gameplay w/skills and balancing.I’ll definitely be resubscribing, there really isnt anything else out like DFO. though I hear MO and Earthrise have had some recent major ‘expansions’ (really patches) released that supposedly makes there games better…

  39. that half of them are killing themselves or something because of it.There was such a great opportunity here to have meaningful dialogue about reproductive choice. It ‘s really upsetting that Bioware can have such interesting dialogue about marginalization of various races in their ME universe (and in the DA series), but when it comes to women’s rights they’ve completely failed.

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  42. I have to say that I usually avoid movies with Nicholas Cage. Something about the guy has set me off for a long time… I think Raising Arizona was the last movie of his that didn’t make my temples ache.

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  45. that, I’m pretty sure I’m not the patient kind of person who will be putting away a piece for years on *purpose* to break my bond with it. But if nothing else, those experiences tell me I should at least stick it in a drawer instead of the garbage. It may feel like garbage now, but when I find it again in five years, I’ll know for sure. If it IS trash, I can toss it then.

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  50. Visionmongers was a pretty decent book. I really liked the business-bios as well. I found visionmongers a little basic (maybe because my life is sales and marketing), but very encouraging. And David is always a good read. His first book was by far his best though. Have you ever read any of his Craft & Vision e-books?

  51. I always find it interesting to see recipes that cook brats in beer before grilling them. I learned from my Michigan Upper Peninsula (brat country) friends that the better way to deal with brats is to grill them first. Then simmer for as long as you want in beer. We have been doing it that way for years. Try it and let me know what you think! 🙂

  52. pmI sure hope the press is getting that message. Imo, they are becoming more and more irrelevant. They need a huge infusion of reality before they become obsolete. Yeah. Citizens vs the government, like never before. We have no recourse but to fight back with all our strength and resolve. The government is not for the people. The government is acting like an enemy. Bravo to all who are stepping up to the plate with reason and lawful order.

  53. Colin – great post, nicely exposing another of the many shortcomings of Skin Deep. I also have seen “polyparaben” referred to in a discussion – I did opint out at the time that it was probably a misprint, and came to the same conclusion as you – a lack of scientific knowledge lay behind it!Needless to say, I have also added my observation to Lise’s blog!

  54. Acho no mínimo curioso que esses “paranormais” incorporem espíritos de pintores, escritores, médicos mas nunca incorporam o espírito de um compositor ou músico , gostaria muito de ver um médium desses incorporar o Beethoven e tocar o terceiro movimento de Moonlight , sou totalmente cético quanto a essas coisas todas, mas confesso que se visse um espírita desses que nunca estudou música executando o terceiro movimento da sonata moonlight passaria a acreditar.

  55. His Girl Friday seems like a good example of screwball comedy: fast dialogue full of witty repartee, situations that keep turning in unexpected directions. Place that in the hands of criminals and voila! Screwball noir.What happens if I call that phone number?

  56. I often believe that I have been such a dispnaointmept. But, know that when God sees me he sees Jesus. But, here is what I often think about. If God sees Jesus who died for all of our sins, what does Jesus see when he looks down on earth. I try so very hard to be a good person and when I try really hard, I fail. But, when I run to Jesus to say I am sorry, he holds out his arms takes me into a tight hug and tells me it is okay. Go try again but, let me help you. Each day is better than the day before.  

  57. Wise decision. The short story version of ‘Ender’s Game’ by Orson Scott Card is also better than the novelization, and the same goes for PSYCHOHISTORICAL CRISIS by Donald Kingsbury and …. well, every novel based on an expansion of a short story I have ever read, with one shining exception: DINOSAUR BEACH by Keith Laumer was much, much better than the short story, ‘The Timesweepers’ from which it was expanded.

  58. +1 Rom1Je suis de droite et je ne vois pas pourquoi on se crispe sur ce genre de question. On parle bien d’élections locales, à partir du moment où l’on vit sur un territoire il est juste de pouvoir s’y exprimer, ça ne remet pas en cause la souveraineté du peuple français lors d’élections nationales. Vous savez même les cons ont le droit de voter et ça ne choque personne…

  59. Hands down, Apple’s app store wins by a mile. It’s a huge selection of all sorts of apps vs a rather sad selection of a handful for Zune. Microsoft has plans, especially in the realm of games, but I’m not sure I’d want to bet on the future if this aspect is important to you. The iPod is a much better choice in that case.

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  61. là où je rejoins Gatien, c’est que c’est quand même curieux que votre coiffeur pense ça justement des immigrés, et pas des Auvergnats, par exemple. D’où l’idée que la xénophobie n’est pas étrangère à sa position.

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  63. A truly lovely selection this Sunday! Love the mix of kids and pets, but I'm intrigued as to how you came to rent a house with resident dog and cat! Are you a housesitter?What makes me happy? My kids and dog, of course (and husband, but that's a given)! Even if my kids are now 25 and 30 years old. ;)Oh yeah – and 'that guy', as my husband calls him; Johnny Depp!

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  65. the way i look at dis situation yall should open ur eyes and pay attention to wat ur users want and like instead of wat yall want if yall keep going dis rate den yall wont ever sell any of the products it matters alot to wat the users are interested in not the sellers

  66. Thanks, Sarah. Cheers to silent fingers. Yes, there is something uniquely refreshing about pressing pause. For me (and I imagine for you as well), it hasn’t been easy. There have been so many post ideas percolating in my head, fighting for expression. Ultimately, I have felt a jolt of new energy that I can’t wait to apply to this enlightened world once I’m officially “back.”Happy new year to you and yours!

  67. Merci beaucoup pour vos messages (je me souviens que celui-ci n’était pas le 1er que vous m’avez envoyé). Je garde aussi encore ce réflexe de vouloir me rendre sur ce blog et d’y écrire quelques mots. C’est désormais bel et bien fini, et le retour au sommet était un journée tout simplement magique. Encore merci.

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  70. Stephen, I'm happy for you that you view this from an American viewpoint but I suspect disagreement here comes in part from my being Australian and therefore more in tune with British english. The fact that preventative might be the more archaic term doesn't, when you draw back and see the language from a wider scope, mean that it's a mistake (if that's what you have implied; I'm not certain I follow you clearly). So I suspect we are seeing culture clash manifesting in language differences for an otherwise little used word. I'm glad for it. I don't want my web to be linguistically monocultural.

  71. Semaj Mahgih–Water is a problem in the US already. The southeast and the far west are going to have to change how they manage water. We have too many people using too few resources…and using them profligately.Water will be the new global warming (i.e., the new item in nature to panic about) in the next decade or so.

  72. I agree with this article. I have to ask, why is it that the U.S and European countries must allow multiculturism and lose their traditional national identity? If you go anywhere else in the world, other countries strongly enforce their culture,etc. As a foreigner (I dont live in the U.S) its sad to see the U.S losing its power and strength as a global leader. The world wants to see a weak U.S, and Obama is giving them it. Americans must stand together and realise what a great nation they have!

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  77. You are being unfair to this man O’Toole.According to Chambers, In Principle: so far as general character or theory is concerned without respect to details or particular application.The fact that the court cannot rule on crimes committed before 2002 is neither here nor there when considering the issue in principle. McGuinness might well be a war criminal in fact, and, in principle, if a court were to bring him to trial it might well establish the fact.

  78. Dear Vixy,That picture of you chilling & drying out looks as if snapped in a totally different era, you are so good at capturing the vintage look. Anyone can wear vintage clothes but only a few people have the ability to echo their essence & you my dear is one of the best at doing this.Congratulations by the way…we both made it on to the ‘CISION’ fashion week top ten UK vintage clothing blogs…roll out the red carpet & pop open the jeroboam of Cristal… cause dahling we've arrived ;)xXx

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