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  1. Scott, you are an awesome photographer, thank you for sharing the most amazing day with us, we couldn’t have asked for more. Your energy and enthusiasm is infectious We look forward to enjoying a life full of fun and happiness and many good times xx

  2. Parabéns Dr Nelson Leite, você pensa e escreve com muita propriedade. A leitura que faz de Iguape e Região é correta e legítima, pois aponta os erros passados e atuais, bem como destaca o nosso potencial com isenção de ânimos, sem picuinhas políticas, sem pensar em promoção pessoal, e o principal: sem saudosismo..Me alegro mais ainda por ser seu amigo e por você ser um proprietáriode imóveis aqui em Iguape, e frequentar este torrão a mais de quarenta anos. Grande abraço. Aguardamos mais matérias…

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  4. j’ai déjà eu l’occasion de profiter d’erreurs informatique lors des soldes y a quelques années sur un site de vente en ligne et quand ça arrive on se demande si la livraison va vraiment se faire.Chapeau bas au concessionnaire !

  5. Oj tam, oj tam. Z tego, co wyczytaÅ‚am u “nie-lemingów” na Salonie to:1) prezydent moze lecieć, gdzie sobie tam zechce2) może lÄ…dować gdzie uważa3) jakieÅ› tam instrukcje nie dotyczÄ… prezydenta, wiec skoro zginÄ…l, to ktoÅ› musiaÅ‚ mieć w tym interes, dlatego mataczÄ… rozmaici w tym temacie4) musiaÅ‚ być zamach, a jeÅ›li nawet nie byÅ‚o zamachu, to i tak nie sÄ… winni ani piloci, ani pasażerowie, główny zwÅ‚aszcza. O!

  6. I've just come across your blog & am already a fan :)I thought I was a bargain hunter, but woah! You put me to shame with those crazily low prices.I'm going to follow you if that's ok, so I can continue seeing these amazing purchases, & maybe be inspired myself!www.heart-shaped-bruise.blogspot.com

  7. Thank you for the ideas and inspiration for the Christmas board. Everything looks so yummy and attractive. I also like to prepare handmade gifts for my vegetarian and vegan friends: I give jams made with fruits from my own orchard, pickles and chutneys made from my garden vegetables and other yummy treats and they’re always appreciated.Lorne M. recently posted..

  8. Los Angelenos, like all Americans are dumb.They are too stupid to see that the live under Collectivism.Officialdom is the realm in which they live, run by and for the Political Class.American-style Collectivism isn’t like the old-style Soviet Communism. No.Corporatism is the name of American Collectivism.However, the true enemy is every street-level Los Angelenos, every street-level American who sells his soul, willingly, for a few crumbs of Political Class largesse, a bribe, typically in the form of welfare or a government related job.

  9. Jonna – oh no you di’in’t! haha these pics are Awesome! Your words blew me away. Seriously. Our age difference has always made me feel more protective of you, still am, but it’s so great to see you as a best friend now and how you’ve grown, how essential you are to me. You’re right, we’ve seen the good, bad, the ugly. Nothing will ever separate sisters. Love you, too. Thank you for this. Truly.

  10. I can see Mrs. P’s perspective. It’s the pity of others that people may want to avoid. It’s also the looks that people give you and the comments like “i’m so sorry to hear that you’re sick.” I don’t like to share my problems for that very reason. Pity is sometimes a hard pill to swallow and sometimes better left unopened in the bottle.

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  12. I'm with you there, Linda. I've just had my protagonist hit with a car jack, kidnapped, taped with duck tape, rolled in a carpet and dumped in a building that was then set alight. When Aristotle talked about experiencing catharsis, pity and fear in the safe environment of literature I always assumed he meant it was the audience who experienced these things, but actually it's as much for the author… we can't really dump the little blighters in front a dragon when they annoy us, but we can do it in a story 😉

  13. pai tot tu recunosti ca nu iti ajuta la nimic toata vrajeala pe care o ai in tine daca nu ai energia necesara care s-o sustina.Faptul ca te compari cu altii, inseamna decat ca nu esti indeajuns de egoist sa-ti vezi de prorpiile tale dorinte. Chiar crezi ca ii pasa cuiva ca tu ai vrajeala in tine mai mult decat x1, x2, x3?….Ar trebui sa ai mai multa grija de tine !

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  15. I don’t think turning off trackbacks is bad mannered. I like to reward people who link to me, but I would not be offended if someone didn’t do the same for me. In fact, I don’t expect them to approve a trackback at all. The thought never even enters my mind when I link out to someone else.

  16. Encore un bon petit jeu de mot « Ã  la M. Vidberg » Et un petit dessin sur le rugeby pour changer, ça ne vous tenterait pas?Malgré quelques regrétables sales coups, le match d’hier aura sans doute assuré un meilleur spectacle que celui de ce soir…

  17. I agree with you Ari. People say that all the time and mean well, but, should re-think and realize people like this woman ARE beautiful. Another phrase I don't like is "She looks good for someone her age." It's as if people of a certain age are expected to look bad. This woman is truly stunning! Great outfit too! I love your blog!

  18. I’ve asked this question before but I’ll ask again: You may have paid full price! But did you pay for shipping?! Did you get overnight shipping for the ground rate? Did some overzealous tool maker “forget” to charge you freight? I don’t think I, or any woodworker, or any red-blooded American can trust a man who doesn’t make sure he pays for shipping..

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  20. Wonderful outfit and hats are my passion so the purple one is already one of my all time favourite!If the lady that gives away fancy clothes will adopt you, ask her if there is enough room for a stepsister, that lace mittens top is fabulous!All your finds are great too, the vintage silver shoes are both very beautiful and I love Jon's choice to buy the vintage cassette player, it's right on my street!Have a wonderful weekend!!Love xxxxx

  21. The following time I learn a weblog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I know it was my choice to read, however I truly thought youd have one thing fascinating to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something that you would repair for those who werent too busy looking for attention.

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  23. Se è la puntata di Mistero di circa un anno fa, è vecchia! Vidi quel filmato: la donna recitava in modo del tutto maldestro, fingeva di piangere, tanto da riuscire poco credibile anche ai più creduli tra gli appassionati di misteri. E appunto, la "creatura" risultò essere un povero animaletto… La tipa sarà scappata per la vergogna di essersi piegata a un falso scoop!

  24. I've just started altering clothes a bit. I've worn a few dresses as skirts, and I have a skirt that I want to shorten. I've just barely started shopping at thrift stores, so I'm sure there is more in my future. I want to try dyeing at some point.

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  27. "Sfuggita invece a Mistero…"Va beh, non è che ci voglia poi molto… è come dire 'wow, sono scampato ad Attila!', non è difficile dato che è morto. E Mistero ha le stesse capacità di ricerca di un morto.Per Henry:Può essere, ma perlomeno Paolo te lo dice che sono bufale, Mistero te li spaccia per… beh, misteri. E poi Paolo pubblica anche articoli su altre cose interessanti, Ruggeri deve sforzarsi per fare alcunchè degno di nota.

  28. ich finde das neue Design irre unübersichtlich, verklicke mich ständig undlande bei den Hilfeseiten, wo ich gar nicht hin mag, ganz urehrlich ich hätt gern wieder das alte, da fand ich alles, das ergab Sinn–das jetzige zeigt völlig konfuse Sachen an,vorher sah ich auf 1 Blick ob alles passte, jetzt muss ich viel klicken 🙁 gern nutz ich es nicht mehr dieses Tool

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  31. Laura, minä kyllä tykkään Ihanasta merestä edelleen. Tyrkytän sitä jopa aina oppilailleni:)Katja, sinä tulitkin noissa parissa kohdassa mieleeni kun listasin kirjoja. Me oltiin varmaan ainoat, joille Virtanen oli pettymys.Hyvää uutta vuotta sinullekin!Maija, lue ihmeessä Kauimpana kuolemasta, suosittelen sitä todella lämpimästi! Tuntuu, etten aluksi pitänyt kirjasta niin paljon kuin nyt kun lukemisesta on aikaa.Booksy, hyvää uutta vuotta myös sinulle!

  32. AHHHH. Cassey, you wouldn’t want to hear the words that come out of my mouth. Its usually right when you’ll say something like “ahh do you feel that” or “give me five more. I know”. You don’t know many of us but we have this love-hate-love relationship going on. Thanks! Its just what we need

  33. The Slavic countries called it “holupki”. Oh the childhood memores of huge pots of holupki in the stove before holidays.[]Faith Reply:October 9th, 2012 at 3:40 PMI am Solvic and ur right Renee we do call them holupki’s.I was raised on them and have recently started makinthem for my family now and they are as good as I remember,yummy![]

  34. Well done! I like the alternating outdoor activities with things fried. To keep the theme alive maybe take in a rodeo followed by fried rice at (fill in the blank here…no idea where to go) or go to Pizza Nosh for a Brooklyn pizza (sauteed veggies not fried but close)…if there isn’t a rodeo in town try that other rodeo (drive).

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  38. Et ces mirifiques accidents de trains vétustes trois fois plus cher, comme en Angleterre. d’ailleurs, j’espère que comme en Angleterre, il n’y aura pas de trains le jour de noël. et le bétail meuglera de satisfaction…

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  40. The most prominent Bishop in all of Ireland should publicly and loudly announce that they will go along with this law, and will also supply to the local tabloids the confessional secrets of all those in elected office, saying, “The people have a right to know the private lives of the elected”. (Sarcasm off.)

  41. Shows what I know. I’d have been concerned about leaving any dangling, loose ends when dealing with a bright, inquisitive mind like Devin’s.Clearly, I’ve yet to learn the fine difference between an open opportunity and an open can of worms. Hopefully, I’ll get better before I’m a dad.

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  45. THC–how are they going to afford to sign Jennings long term, make AR the highest paid player in NFL history, AND on top of that sign players like Clay-Maker and Raji longterm? Remember, the defense is already the weak link of this team–take away Raji and Clay–your D will break the futility records it set last season. Keeping the few good defensive players you have is a higher priority than keeping Jennings in my opinion. Especially given Raji and Clay are younger have more prime years left than Jennings.

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  50. …and this is why there was no unity in the recent birthday celebrations! Groups of fans form their own small clique and small gatherings. Should we not all be united and show the world community just how many love Michael? United we stand, divided we fall. For Michael, we can all drop the BS!

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  54. “své závÄ›ry korigují podle teoretických modelů, jež jsou logicky konzistentní”ne, posuve. Veda sve modely koriguje podle empirickych fakt. Bez toho je nejaka konzistence jen iluzorni. To je zrejme to, co ti v Libinstu nerekli. Misto toho ti asi rekli, ze ve Svedsku vladne Kim Ir Sen 🙂

  55. Drastic or extreme changes do not work. If you make small changes as you suggest of bringing your lunch once a week, skipping one coffee at Starbucks it is much easier. I used to go to Starbucks once a week, but I now go 1-2 times a month. A small change works!

  56. Para Ecm:Tú que hablas de educación … la tuya tampoco debió de ser muy buena. Porque has escrito dos veces la palabra “tubieron” con B de Burro. El primer error … pues podría haber sido por la proximidad entre la letra V y la B en el teclado. Pero ya una segunda vez, no deja lugar a dudas sobre tu valía en Lengua.¿O no tienes tecla B?

  57. Today the word "conservative" really applies only to the Left, who are always working to conserve and expand their power base. Those of us who still dream of some sort of freedom are the real radicals. This intentional misuse of language, beginning with the co-opting of the word "liberal", is one big cause of the huge confusion in people's minds.

  58. I searched out BE’s blog, found no description of dessert. But fuck he writes a lot.Didn’t even try and read much just the dinner description. Seems to be a bit of a cranky man,

  59. Scamp,Aren't you a bit concerned that you hadn't noticed most of these are complete rip-offs? How had you not heard this is how Ida & Fabian got into Wieden's?!?! More concerning for me is the creatives out there who think they can get away with copying an already used idea. Bodes well for me though. Obviously there aren't that many creative creatives out there challenging me for my future job.

  60. That is unfortunate. Suzuki was never able to really find their niche in North America even though they've had a few good products come down the line (Kizashi/current Vitara and the overseas Swift). Unfortunately the NA market (at least America…) has little appetite for small, fun vehicles unless they are premium branded (ie: Mini/500). Maybe one day they will return….

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