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  1. la letra decia algo asi: thank you for loving me, thank you for hearing me, thank you for saving meee….era como un paseo viendo la ciudad desde un automovil, se veia un edificio con un cartel publicitario de telefónica, y edificios, es una cancion muy dulce y bonita y relajante, canta una mujer, la pasaban tambien en el telefono cuando debias esperar para comunicarte con la empresa.gracias…deseo el nombre del grupo interprete y nombre de la cancion…gracias

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  3. Den bedste serie jeg ser for tiden, eller venter pÃ¥ sæson 2 starter er helt klart Hart of Dixie! rigtig god pige serie! men en anden spændende serie er Once upon a time, den er virkelig god og spændende! 🙂

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  7. Hi Reus! Thanks for the compliment! Maybe I should start writing in english also, so you guys can follow me as well?! Hey KitJamen mange tak, som skrevet er det et loppefund til den sølle sum af 10kr:) – Utroligt hvilke scoop man kan gøre!

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  10. Le pire dans tout ca c’est qu’apres quelques années en couple avec elle LÀ OK c’est correct la subtilité…On est capable de la comprendre a force de connaître quelqu’un…Le probleme c’est que les femmes commencent la relation à l’envers…On devrait comprendre tout ca DÈS LE DÉBUT pour apsser le test…Pis après des années ben la subtilité se perds…Tk comme mon père disait…Faut les comprendre pis les aimer….J’LES AIME !!

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  12. Running was never my strong suit, even before I had all that metal put in my lower right leg, but I've always loved taking a good long walk. Because of the metal in my bones, it's probably not a good idea to take an extremely long or arduous walk, but I haven't let myself become an invalid since I've had to put some modifications on walking.

  13. Srsly this. I work from home all day every day, so while maybe I go out for a brekkie sammich, I primarily spend my time without human interaction. My animal menagerie is another story though, and without sounding like too much of a crazypants (I hope), I discuss everything ad infinitum with them. Sounds like my dawg and cat probably get more verbal interaction than Carbz.

  14. I feel like you could probably teach a class on how to make a great blog. This is fantastic! I have to say, what really got me was your design. You certainly know how to make your blog more than just a rant about an issue. Youve made it possible for people to connect. Good for you, because not that many people know what theyre doing.

  15. I am a newbie homeschooler this year with a Kindergartener. Thank you for your Teaching Tips #1 and #2. Ready to read #3 and #4. I really want our daughter (and son) to be leaders with Godly character and ethics. Seems like a tall order many days, but I know just having them at home makes that order doable

  16. Thanks for your recount. You views are refreshing and I believe that this comes as a result of empathy. Feeling what you witness with judging people or situations against your own experiences is a tough thing to do.I live in Thailand and have visited India, been among the impoverished and thought this heartbreak would sweep me away. Indeed, I made connections out of involvement and compassion, not sympathy. I think this is the way to world peace, where we are just brothers and sisters of one another.

  17. Disappointing, but understandable. Regardless of when we finally meet just know you’ll have a pantless hug waiting for you. It’ll probably be some random person on the street I pay to do it, but it will still be my money making it happen

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  22. adnan tak dedah lagi.. sebenarnya memang pahang tak untung daripada projek lynas ni tapi sisa buangan tu nanti akan digunakan sebagai bahan menjana loji nuklear yang akan dibina.. tapi pasal projek ni dah jadi kontroversi, adnan tak ceritalah pulak pasal loji nuklear tu..

  23. all my favortie games are pickecd. Bills vs Oilers, Bills 51-3 (my first live game in attendance as a child) and BIG SKINNY im with ya ill help you beat the daylights outta anyone mentioning the music city debacle! my pick- the monday night game a few years back after Brett Farve’s father died. Ive never been more moved by a personal performance in the eyes of personal conflict before. One of the many things i will miss with #4 retired. What a night though…

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  38. ÅÅ søte Elisabeth, gratulerer med hus, det er jo helt fantastiskt! Jeg har de samme drømmene selv, selvom de er lengre vekk nå.. Tenk å ha så mange kvm og tenk å ha en hage! Dere kommer til å få det så flott!!Varme tanker og god klem til deg

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  42. Hi, another fan here… I first came across Korean popcorn at Seoraksan national park and I now make a point of going into Dublin to buy them from the only Korean market there is. I’m curious as to why the shape is different from the popcorn I have seen in Europe and the US. Any ideas?

  43. if this comment stream turns into a continuation of this conflict I will close the comments. I’m buried in work today so I may be dragging a bit when it comes to moderating comments. Sorry, but paying work comes first. I’ll revisit this when I have more time to devote to crafting a better and more detailed response.

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  51. This is why I avoid going up to the in-laws’ summer cabin as much as possible. My MIL has a Kerf-like attitude about food. She’ll take any old skanky leftover casserole from the fridge, garnish it with some stale old crushed nuts and call it good. One time she tried to get away with feeding us dinner (“We’re all so full from lunch!”) and my FIL finally grew a spine and told her it was insanely rude to not feed their guests. It was infuriating and hilarious at the same time.

  52. Hear hear! So often in my professional life I’ve felt like I was being pressured to hide my geeky/otherwise-inappropriate-for-the-office interests, and it only ever resulted in me being miserable. Let your freak flag fly, I say!

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  59. dziekuje! Wlasnie Bea, niewiadomo co z upalami, chociaz wlasnie na nie niecierpliwie czekam, a moze powinnam powiedziec ze nie czekam na deszcz 🙂 obie widze jestesmy oczarowane kwiatem granatu…@ Kasia24: Kasiu, lemoniade polecam, a tymczasem obie wygladamy widze za krakowskie okno i czekamy na prawdziew slonce 🙂

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