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  4. What, nobody else has read their Heinlein?Coarsely, it’s “I understand you” or “I get you” but it’s intended to be deeper than that, at least as close as I am to my almost-teenager, whose moves I can predict because he’s waaaay too much like me.Or, maybe it’s “Igor’s OK, and you?”. I could be paraphrasing…Dennis

  5. Read the book, don't worry about the details. I also read it recently, it misses some things of course but in essence it keeps the story as the writer/director viewed them. You'll find the experience pleasant, I think. SInce the director is the same as the writer he carried to the screen what he intended for the book, even if it was somewhat shortened.

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  8. am i´m dreaming or can this superfabulous boots really be true? can you ask your boots if they want to marry me, i think this must be love haha and purlple really is your colour vix, it makes you look even more mystic and magical, i´ve noticed that already with your fabulous cape!!love and kiss,mary

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  10. dudeman!good luck with the iTunes thing. i don’t think it’ll be on the store until valentine’s day. but if you get it there, let me know. last time i checked i didn’t see it. and do throw the penny into the jar for the little one.we should talk. i wonder if i still have your number. i should use it. there’s more to talk about now. heh heh heh. (insert suspense here)

  11. Esse cast me pegou de surpresa, não esperava essa nova “empreitada” de vocês! RÁCast com histórias natalinas, principalmente se não forem aquelas “mela cuecas”, sempre são muito divertidas, ainda mais se forem considerados as piores e as que mais nos envergonharam.Sobre a qualidade do cast, sem nenhuma falha aparente na edição e o áudio está no mesmo nível de outros casts da blogosfera. (santo Skype!)No mais, valeu pela lembrança nos agradecimentos!Que venha 2010 porr@!!!

  12. Bob, I share your pain, however I understand your pain and the pain of the families of these brave people is much greater. May God give strength to all those who are grieving to carry the torch that Tom and his team proudly carried till the end of their challenging journey. I wish human life and dignity is valued and respected some more by human beings, especially when their own principles teach them not to kill an innocent person. I wonder how are they going to face God/Allah/Bhagwan when their time comes.

  13. Nice turnarounds. She considers abandoning him earlier on, but sticks with him, unfortunately for her he's not as understanding. Or perhaps, fortunately since he didn't seem like the best guy for her. Also, she didn't like the idea of spending time around bones, but looks like she's been a be doing a little bit more of that.

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  16. De verdad crees que es mejor que nadie vote?Aunque sea para cambiar de calcetín me gustaría que esta vez no ganara el PRI, entonces la conferencias podrían ser de por qué no deberían votar por el PRI. Aunque ya para estas épocas, cualquiera de las opciones da lo mismo.

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  22. The deaths at the Love Parade were not drug related but caused by the organizers due to poor decision making and regulations that were not followed by security as well as the Mayor of Duisburg. You are referring to an accident in a post about drug doesn’t seem very fitting to me. There is a difference between people dying from taking drugs and people being crushed to death because of mass panic due to being held in a small space.

  23. Jag hade en aning om det även om jag la det i potentiellt futurum. Tanken var inte själva hotet, utan poängtera själva allvaret i vad som händer om man ger sig på människor. Människor kommer försvara sig, sin familj och barn i sådana förhållanden. Och en till aspekt i det hela är att deras poltik gör inte enbart skada mot invandrare och mångkulturen, utan vi som är svenska medborgare från början därtill.

  24. Another one, out of the park!But…I must disagree — these people (our Masters in Sodom-on-the-Potomac) *ARE* sociopaths!Further, I think it's EXACTLY this which leads to their getting elected.Sociopaths are MASTERS at knowing what to say to whom, and when. It all means NOTHING — their victory in being re-elected it all that matters to them!

  25. I am a bit perplexed as to why Hillary Clinton seems to get a free pass on her pro-Israel machinations and rhetoric. Taylor Marsh, Steve Clemons, and a number of other mouthpieces that profess dissatisfaction with the Isr/Pal issue have all left Clinton out of their criticisms. Even here, (I admit I am a new commentor), I have not seen Clinton get her deserved share of criticism she has earned as Secretary Of State.

  26. Because the government isn’t so stupid… it realizes that 30 people burning a flag do not mean that the other 200 million people are also doing the same thing. When you start blaming all because of some, it becomes a bit prejudiced and kinda racist. And that is what the Malaysian government is not.

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  28. Lonely wite st reagan fanboy seeks AfAm woman to fulfill all his fantasies. No pay, no benefits…just do as the ManDumpling commands. After all, you is not being married like Muffy and Sally and Sarey.With heroic brave heroes like you lads…being single is the wisest choice. No matter how many 'lonely spinster' tales you get in the MSM, a cat is far more intellectual than you. More faithful. More considerate.Maybe you should ask why you can't get dates without paying. Mold

  29. Holy shit. I’m sorry, I know that is not eloquent. But that’s how I felt when I read this. Holy shit.Your honesty. Your bravery. Your story. I am almost speechless.The drinking I can relate to, although not to that level, but the anxiety? The fear that “something is wrong”? Completely. Utterly. Thank you for sharing this.

  30. I don't really understand why Soros and others on the left ally themselves w/islamonazism. Do they really think islamonazism has ever shared power w/anyone not muslime? Do the leftist tools really think the muslimes will just hold hands w/the left and sing cumbaya if they ever gain power? I can't imagine someone like Soros being that naive — especially considering he personally survived the Holocaust!

  31. Beyond all the sex issues (which previous poster’s really hit on the head) that keep people wondering why we in the church keep “living between our navel and our knees”…Several large church pastors in my town (Charlotte, NC) have been forced to resign in the past few years due to plagiarism issues in their sermons. I wonder why that’s not applicable here? Or when “market share” is the goal, do most of those old “issues” just go away?Others are right: This is pretty distasteful.

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  38. Well, I too am a Christian, but the Mormon belief is NOTHING like any accepted Christian belief when it comes to this.They attempt to use passages to prove God is like a man. Using that logic, “I will shelter you under my wings” may be interpreted to mean he’s also a parakeet!A simple cursory study of the Book of Mormon will provide the reader with numerous factual errors, some rather disturbing ideals and a whole lot of laughter. -5Was this answer helpful?

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  41. very impressive, sounds too good to believe, too honest for a politician. I wish I had a US citizenship to vote for Ron Paul. Hope you Americans vote for him and I hope he doesn’t change as soon as he is elected.If i were an American and loved my country and wanted the best for my country, I vote for Ron Paul.Your country is in a double dip recession and people are losing their jobs, their home and soon your country … you need to save your country … Best Of Luck America …

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  51. jag håller självklart med per eng, du borde fortsätta med böcker . synd att jag inte har samma ordföråd som honom dock, då skulle jag kunna skriva böcker med . fast jag håller mig nog mer till min trogne gamla elgura så länge, hehe. mvh nils

  52. I like the day/night pics too. Really cool.I like your statement “Oh how many intricate and beautiful lives there are.” That is a positive reaction. Mine is often, “With so many, how can my thoughts/feelings/concerns be at all significant?” I feel lost in the sea of humanity when I consider how many there are.

  53. Skype’s revenue growth was good…but I think it would have been better if left unfettered by eBay and its corporate culture being forced on to Skype employees. Remember all those defections that occured in 2006? I wonder what would have happened if those key personnel would have stayed around.

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  56. Fernando,Excelente o texto.Eu tenho déficit de atenção com hiperatividade e acabei de fazer um vídeo relatando minha experiência com o transtorno.Ser racional e procurar ‘domar’ o pensamento nos ajuda a fugir de certas angústias.Um abraço !!

  57. romeral64 / Muchas, muchas gracias, Doña Rosa Díez, por tener la valentía que le falta a otros muchos políticos españoles para visitar a estas heroicas mujeres y otros disidentes cubanos que luchan por un cambio nuestro país en condiciones muy difíciles.El día que pueda votar en este país tiene usted mi voto garantizado.

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  60. Dymphna:Funny you should mention it, because I DO attend a private school. Apparently this garbage knows no bounds.However, I could never change schools just because mine has fallen prey to this sort of nonsense. To me, it would be like admitting defeat and retreating to some ideological safe-haven rather than taking a stand against the enemy. I’ve always believed that life is better spent as a warrior than anything else.


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  64. Doesn’t posting about it on here kind of put it back in everyone’s mind again and ruin your thought? 😉 (not that I’ve ever forgotten your birthday :-p )I completely 100% agree with you though. I’ve always felt the same way about wanting people to remember my birthday without needing to be reminded, and I am always very disappointing by the results :-\\.

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