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  1. தவறு செய்பவர்களுக்கு இது உதவி செய்கிறது அவ்வளவு தான் இதை தடுக்காவிட்டால் நம் சட்டமே அவர்களுக்கு உதவுவது போல் இருக்குà®®் அல்லவா?தவறை தடுக்க என்னென்ன செய்யவேண்டுà®®ோ அதை செய்கிறது அரசாà®™்கம் அது சிலருக்கு உபத்திà®°à®®ாக் இருக்கு. சன் பிலிà®®் கண்டுபிடிப்பதற்கு à®®ுன்பு எப்படி இருந்தோà®®்? அதையுà®®் யோசிக்கவேண்டுà®®்.வடபழனி சிக்னலில் இருக்குà®®் போக்குவரத்து போலிஸ் கையை ஆட்டி தான் போக்குவரத்தை கட்டுப்படுத்துகிà®±ாà®°்கள் ஏனென்à®±ால் நம் நிலமை இப்படித்தான் இருக்கு என்ன செய்வது?

  2. Another view is that it might work quite well. Forum-shopping is inevitable, unless all eggs are to be put in one basket. European patent judges have begun to take notice of each other's decisions so that national laws may draw closer together. Isn't this better than having the CJEU reinventing the law from first principles? Who'd like to bet on that coming out right?

  3. Lainaus anonyymiltä:"Jos yksityiskohdat ovat puuta heinää, ei kokonaisuuskaan voi kovin kummoinen olla. Mistä tuosta epämääräisestä sillisalaatista voi tietää mikä on relevanttia tietoa ja mikä humpuukia? "JUURI NÄIN – KOMPPAAN TÄYSIN. Tosin humpuukin itse kyllä huomaan tietääkseni melko hyvin. Ei mitään näyttöä, siis oikeaa tieteellistä näyttöä. Ja minulle ainakin on turha suoltaa noita "ikivanhoja uskomuksia".Petteri Jussila, Jaakko Halmetoja. Aivan samaa diipa, daapaa.

  4. Mensalão dos Jabazeiros disse:O negócio no nosso Amapá está muito avacalhado.Escutar rádio pela manhã,não dá,ninguém aguenta.Agora a tarde também.Tem o programa do Dalua e tem vejam só programa dos presidente de associações de bairro,tudo para roubar dinheiro público e bajular o Waldez(Fofinho) e o Roberto(Cassado 5 vezes).Vendedores de rádio no Amapá estão Fu..

  5. Beautifully created, Paula and welcome to the Moonlight Journey Design team. I am your newest follower and extend an invitation for you to follow me as well. Look forward to getting to know you and enjoy your art. You will love being on the MJ DT. Hugs, Gayle.

  6. Sarah Palin was ridiculed for her use of the words “death panels” but the truth is that there will be rationing, the left can call it whatever they want to but there is no denying that some people will be turned away from receiving the they need. If that is not a death panel, I don’t know what is.

  7. English has always been the official language of the US. In the old days you would apply for an immigration visa and learn our history and language. Then take the test and pass it. Then you are granted citizenship. The people that went through the immigration process were proud to be Americans. Cheating the system seems to be ok with some but it is still not right. The US should control who and how many come to our country.

  8. Dalle mie parti un mutuo con capitale residuo di 365.000 euro ha portato ad un pignoramento: ci sono voluti 8 anni prima che la banca arrivasse ad incassare.L'asta a 290.000 e' andata deserta, quindi la banca ci ha perso almeno 75.000 euro.Qualcuno si stupisce che facciano di tutto per liberarsi di simili mutui?

  9. Ooops, uitai k sunteti in presa si duminica e zi de lucru. Ramane pe data viitoare, om vedea cand. Plec si eu de luni pana vineri in delegatie la Iasi si weekendul viitor m-as repezi pana in Vama. O icra si un calcan, dublate de un whiskian! Si o muzica la Stuf, daca nu or fi intrat astia cu Jeepanele direct pe plaja. Of, ce vremuri erau acu 7-8 ani.Cordialement, Je.

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  11. And I am so happy for you that it’s somehow turned around for you. Life is so much nicer with some carbs to eat, lol. I do not understand how this variation you noted happens. I do exercise. I do Kettlebell as a sport and I definitely get glycogen depletion. I think you are on to something though. I should note that to maintain my weight I can go up to about 75g carbs/day but to lose I have to go under 25 or so. I am still resistant to living at 75g since I still want to lose some more weight although after years of trying it may be time to hang that idea up and move on. –  Aug 17 2011 at 1:41

  12. Whew!. Ok, now I am certain there are some things just meant for using the IPod for. I had no trouble getting here and making an account via the desktop. I have downloaded the pattern. I am not sure I have the thread that is required, but I do have some crochet cotton and also some DK. So I can still give the pattern a whirl by using larger needles. ( No not ON socks, but to give the pattern a ‘run thru’) Thank you for the invite and creating a site for us to hone our skills.

  13. (245) Thanks jamHate to bring the board level from Milton Friedman to Milton Berle, but I see a lot of houses in the mid-300′s on the market (Linden, Clark)that were bought almost exactly two years ago. Is this a sign of duress? Mortgage reset victims?What would be a reasonable offer strategy based on the 2004 purchase price? Thanks for patience.

  14. Good post. I'd agree that it's mostly marketing, but enough marketing that it's firmly embedded in social consciousness by now! Unrealistic expectations make you likely to buy appearance improving products. (Unhappiness makes you more likely to buy any product)

  15. On Sonic The Hedgehog’s official facebook, they added a photo of a toy Sonic (much like this one) beside a chilly dog at SONIC. I think Sonic is traveling the U.S. or something (Sonic Unleashed 2?) and/or this is some sort of “creative” advertising by Sega. You never know what those goofs are up to next!

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  18. that i should be fine with this diet until im 20wks, then i need to try the prenatals again. well im 20 wks now…and no change. everything makes me sick. can this hurt my baby? im very worried about it. i feel him kick and move around, so i know hes ok…but im worried about his growth/health. anyone have this problem? please dont say “go to the doc” because i have, and she sorta brushes me off, or tells me to “refer to you baby books” or some crap.

  19. ASC hadii aan ka hadlo dhacdada ayaaa ah miid aad u fool xum waxeey ka bilabeen ineey masjiidka dumiiyan saladu leylka dad jiidka ugalaaan guryahaaah soo jebiiyaaan ariinka ma ahaaaa miid hada bilowdaaay waxuu socdaaa mudo 2 Ã¥r ah lkn marbaa mar aaad usii kordhaaay hada waxeey dagaaan tahaaay in gacaanta leeysa galaaay allow somali ugargaaaar adaaa awood leeehU codee: 2  0

  20. And just how situation unfolds gradually developing the stress yet still time treading on that fine line between dark and light, good and evil, is just amazing how that is carried out relation to its sentimentality Ripley ,missed her daughters birthday because fate was cruel to her due to the circumstances of her floating out into space for 57 years, after she escaped from your Nostramo.

  21. más de 2 años+1 dijo: dijo:Sinceramente no es de tener miedo o no , no es una lucha, es una conveniensia, linux al ser gratuito esta al servicio de la gente, mac es para una élite y windows es un monopolio para enriquecer a gates cuando la ignorancia no nuble tu mente ese dia hablamos creeme ..

  22. VeryFatPiggy :基本上,我都覺得個司機很「騎呢」,至於女事主當時是有學生同在車上,女事主坐司機位隔離(可能方便落車俾錢),學生在後座。司機如何用膠袋小便,詳情我不清楚,可能是預先在陰莖縛上小膠袋?(真係唔知,難度都幾高…)而若果司機突然下體痕癢要停車,這又有難度,一來可能在公路上難以停車,二來的士是計車程,停車抓痕到時乘客又爭拗車資問題。

  23. Im guessing the son … Im guessing the son made that noise so that somehow the eagle would return to him?Nonetheless I REALLY need to try this one day lol, oh an one question, are these people [in general] th descendants of Genghis Khan? [I know this is not Tajikistan]

  24. O wolnoÅ›ci internetu nie bÄ™dÄ™, bo mnie od wczoraj jakieÅ› zÅ‚oÅ›listwo atakuje (Starsza Å›wiadkiem) – natomiast Å›wiadoma, że narażam siÄ™ paru osobom oÅ›wiadczam (Babo wybacz!), że zima jest cudna! KorzystajÄ…c z jej przychylnoÅ›ci, obfitoÅ›ci Å›wieżego Å›niegu i tym samym sprzyjajÄ…cej aury w górach, spÄ™dziÅ‚am dzieÅ„ „taÅ„czÄ…c” na nartach w zgoÅ‚a innych rytmach niż bohaterowie dzisiejszej kartki.

  25. Si vous avez une remarque, vous êtes libre de .   Articles relatifs Article : Les faux médicaments : plus de 700 000 morts par an Mise en ligne sur Danger Santé Nombre d’avis : 6 Mois de publication : mai Année de publication : 2009 Retour à la catégorie : . Retour à la page d’accueil : . Vous pouvez suivre l’actualité du site avec notre et sur notre compte .

  26. I love that you are so committed to Ds awareness, I have a daughter with Ds as well. She is now almost 10, educated in a general ed classroom and a valued member of our community…. I’m also a photographer. There was more than one kid who swallowed glass this year when they bit down on a string of lights made for a x-mas tree, those things happen so quickly, and while I know you are careful, please be aware…

  27. My little boy turns 4 next month. I don’t know if these specific folks are teachers, but they very well could be. Let’s just say that between my first-hand observations in columbus, as well as footage like this (some of which clearly shows obnoxious behavior by educators), I am having a hard time letting these people educate my child. Home school is looking like a necessity, or perhaps private school.

  28. Thanks for elaborating on that Dale, wise words I think. I guess I was reacting to a view I’ve come across from a lot from Christians that suffering is a painful but God-given blessing in disguise. Assuming there is a God, I wonder whether:a) painful events are part of God’s plan for us, because we learn from them, orb) God grieves for his children and dislikes these events as much as we do but can use painful events to bring about good (kinda opportunistic), orc) pain is just part of the natural system that is life and death on earth and God doesn’t interfere.

  29. Just want to add that Spanish architecture is influenced by Arab architecture.Yes but Arab architecture borrowed heavily from the Byzantine style.Just keep repeating the PC crap they taught you in school.The real problem with modern architecture – and much of modern art, period – is that there are too many artists looking to break new ground. Properly applying established forms, or simple, subtel variations on them, isn’t good enough because no one will remember you.

  30. Meshi君沒說錯,入聲的韻母跟非入聲的是有關係的。-m平聲的入聲是-p,-n的是-t,-ng的是-k。正如-må’Œ-p都是合口音,-nå’Œ-t、-ngå’Œ-k發音時的唇舌狀態都是一樣的。分別只是急速收音和不收音而已。何氏的口訣是「上字取聲母,下字取韻母,上字別陰陽,下字辨平仄」。還有,何說「反切」是讀「翻切」çš„,不過好像沒解釋「反」是甚麼。

  31. Já vím, že 3D je u výroby uÅ¡lechtilých destilátů velmi nestandardní postup. Jeho použití má oprávnÄ›ní jen v případÄ› nápravy vad.Proto nechápu proč se tím nÄ›kteří výrobci honosí.Asi v duchu vietnamského: "Čím více pruhů, tím více Adidas…." :-))))))A smutné je, že to funguje, že jim to vÄ›tÅ¡ina lidí věří.*DAVE:ÄŒiÅ¡tÄ›ní chladičů apod. se už na Deslikovi Å™eÅ¡ilo. ProjdÄ›te si sekce Chladiče a Diskusi. Anebo když tak položte nÄ›jaký doplňující dotaz tam.Nazdraví Rafael

  32. Snow?! Crazy! I keep thinking that the weather here really isn't that different, but I guess not. I have been going about my outdoor business in only a sweater or light jacket. I've put on my top coat for fashion purposes only and was way too over heated. I want snow…. I guess I better come to visit!

  33. kociaczek pisze:Uwaga do tÅ‚umacza – „control” z angielska to po polsku „sterować”. Szkoda, że ten bÅ‚Ä…d popeÅ‚niany jest obecnie na masowÄ… skalÄ™ przez co nikt wÅ‚aÅ›ciwie nie wie OCB w zdaniu.Kontroli nad nikim nie ma korporacja a co najwyżej UBecja.

  34. Mon père me racontait que, au temps des maisons closes (avant Marthe Richard), il y avait dans certaines chambres des miroirs sans tain.Dans la pièce contiguë, se tenait le voyeur qui pouvait voir, sans être vu, les ébats des clients.Si ma mémoire est bonne, Proust, dans La Recherche, décrit une scène de ce genre.

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  36. I can’t applaud this old post enough. After chatting about it, Nick, and after getting my own ass in gear to start making original work I just can’t agree more. The problem solving is where the real learning happens, and the speed you gain in your process is invaluable.

  37. Sigur ca da! Foarte frumos din partea eMag.Calitatea concurentilor excelenta.Si totusi, nu pare destul de bizar ca cea mai mare parte a acestora sunt de la LIB. Ah! dar mi-am amintit aici nu se poate face nimc, transparenta este aproape de zero la “Olimpiade” si, daca nu ai pe nimeni… )

  38. I dont doubt that you are right about green policy re indy. However thats not always how it comes across. Anytime i have seen Patrick Harvey on a panel with someone from the SNP where they are both ment to be essentially on the same side, he just doesnt seem as keen on indy as the SNP rep is.No one doubts that the SNP are pro indy….but i think you would agree that people dont see indy as being the greens principle issue.

  39. ,“What we have now is amnesty by inaction.”That’s a very apt description, of the situation re illegal immigrants, What does this article contribute? Another tirade.As it is, one-sided rants produce nothing but one-sided rants from the opposidtion and further distance from a solution.The other suggestion of this article is that Bush should put his party above country. No, thank you.That’s exactly what led us to the mess we’re in today.

  40. U can pick up rice that u boil in a bag…takes about 10 mins. Then frozen veggies…never get canned to much crap in canned…frozen is much better for you…and get some chicken or pork…Pork is lean cheap and good for you. That’s a nice little dinner or lunch there…Cheap and VERY good for you…One of my personal faves

  41. Buongiono, lavoro c/o una società dal 2000 contratto di 6 ore al giorno 3 livello, mai avuto un aumento se non fosse x gli scatti di anzianità e gli aumenti coontrattuali a livello nazionale. Ho chiesto svariate volte un aumento, ma puntualmente al mio resp il datore di lavoro risponde che non è momento (premetto che la società va a gonfissime vele e che assumono spesso personale con incarichi minimi e stipendi altissimi…lavoriamo x Fiat), ma io dopo 10 anni di lavoro posso pretendere un aumento e in che modo…e se mi rivolto ad un sindacato si può secondo voi avere soluzione?Grazie e salutiIlenia

  42. Hi John–You’re on to something with the Cash Flow Hydrant. I completely agree about lifestyle costing more than people can afford. It’s driven by self-image and the need to maintain it at a certain level. Then the level increases over time. It’s giving ourselves what we think we deserve, and the world (mostly the media) helps us along with that. I wrote about the greater importance of quality of life in another post, “10 Ways to be Rich Without Being Wealthy” (first Reated Post beneath the article above). I think this is really what people need to be happy, not the costly standard of living people usually pursue.

  43. te cuento que me encanta estos productos de esika, y que por la monada de llevar mi maquillaje a donde vaya esta ultima semana me asaltaron y ps toda la inversion que hice se beneficiara quien me lo robo…snif snif espero ser la afortunada de ganarme al menos alguitoooo!

  44. ShyamoliJuly 30, 2012I have to write a term paper on Marcuse and the question that I am asking is- What does Marcuse mean by one-dimensional life and how does it relate to possibilities of happiness and freedom in our contemporary culture? I am planning to include the transformation of basic needs, the importance for opposition for a healthy society, and the differences between individual and social satisfaction. Am I on the right track…anyone?Thanks.

  45. Only reson I haven’t become a terrorist and blown up some Americans is because i’m intelligent enough to know mankind has always had empires that kill and destroy since the dawn of man. Ghengis Khan, Roman Empire, English Empire etc only difference is we have digital watches and predator drones but the ideology is still basically the same. Civilised ? BHAAHHHH !

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  48. Adam, I just signed up for my account and it looks awesome! Of course I have the Bills on there(since I am now a Bills fan because of Greg). I have seen Greg’s version change since you first started and it looks amazing. I will definitely be spreading the word about LP!!! Congrats on all the hard work Adam!

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  55. Hej “Mit Vægttab” – Jeg har ligget noget stille den sidste mÃ¥ned – og jeg fornemmer du kan sige det samme fra din side af skrivebordet. SÃ¥ hvad med om vi tager hinanden under de virtuelle arme – og RÆSER om kap i en mÃ¥ned. Fra d. 29/5 eller d. 1/6 af?Med fuld offentliggørelse pÃ¥ blog’sne, gaver og festivitas.Sikke et tilbud

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  57. Why say “sodomite” when what is meant is “homosexual?”Normal, man and woman married couples engage in sex acts not intended for procreation, some more “different” than others. Some which meet the legal definition of sodomy. Will you ask about the private sexual choices of all heterosexual candidates as well?

  58. Looks delicious, Angie! My husband is the king of cauliflower – he absolutely loves the stuff. Here in Melbourne our weather is insanely unpredictable. Yesterday was 38c, today is somewhere around 17 and rainy! So, if this weather sticks around, this beautiful recipe will be on the cards!

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  71. Beautiful. I like the waist detail rather than a plain straight waistband too. I was too busy to post this week, but I really need a basic black skirt as well, and I thought EVERYONE would be making one this week! (BTW, I was in the southern US (Tampa) this week for work, and I could not believe how hot and humid it gets. It was just like being in Cambodia with that oppressive humidity and absolutely no breeze to take away the sweat. I admire your ability to take photos outside at all!)

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