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  2. At least their leaders aren't in the back pocket of Islamonazi theocracies. At least the PRC doesn't have incipient Islamonazi mini-states being established within its borders. At least the PRC's government doesn't seem to be rotten w/corruption. I also admire the way they deal w/corrupt government officials. China is on the rise, the amoral, corrupt West is on the decline.

  3. “but who cares it is getting close to bottom so I am sticking my toes in on down days.”John [121],Another temporary bottom or THE bottom? Glad to hear that you are a market timing expert. I don’t know anybody else who is?I am doing the opposite, sticking my toes in on big rallies, joined at the hip with low volume. Once, [if], the corresponding volume changes, I’ll adjust. There are many more rallies to come.

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  7. I just looked up this case.A mother executed cause a black male wanted to steal 2 TV sets from her. Yup, he is a cause celebre.A black male deserves to have multiple tv's and if it costs a good woman her life, so what? Esp is that woman is white.If only society provided all black males with multiple tv's and a lifetime supply of cavasier she would be alive today. It is societies fault for not providing the black male with his basic needs.

  8. jean dit :Fdesouche est, je crois, hébergé en Suède et son propriétaire serait indien. Il a subi plusieurs attaques de "hackers" mais a toujours survécu. Justement, le site n'est pas attaqué légalement directement, mais un " responsable présumé du site" est mis en examen.

  9. Excellent tale. For me. I wished I’d had popcorn (you should put up a popcorn disclaimer: this story is great with a snack). But for you? Lovey hell. Bee has a small Curious George. we’ve had him, I don’t know, about five years now. We lost him, in a real, panicky way, once. It was on a neighborhood stroller walk. Other moms rallied to cruise the ‘hood in their cars. We recovered Georgie. He’s currently in Bee’s room, fallen to the side of the bed until tomorrow night, or our next family outing. I’d be lost without him.

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  14. August 10, 2012 at 11:28 amSame here. A little over a year ago I bought a Sirius Sportster from Craigslist after my other one died. It was salvaged from a semi and was still getting a signal. Every once in a while there are some weird notices on the display but I still get all the channels. I even transferred the credits remaining on my dead reciever to a relative’s account. Boo ya! Reply

  15. I ordered my 1st one in July/Aug/Sep {LONG story} and it has all the features of the 2013 planner. I'm glad I never got used to that blank page at the end of the month, I think that would have irritated me too but I never had that so I don't miss it {although now that I know it was a feature before, I know I would have enjoyed it!}.Overall, I completely love mine!

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  19. Hi Laylita,I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing your empanada dough recipe. My daughter had a class project and her topic was on the country Chile and had to bring a food item. I was so happy when I found your recipe it was so easy and so yummy! I had to make enough for 20 and I made them smaller and it actually made 25 perfectly.Her class said it was so……. good! My family wants me to make some for them asap! This is a recipe keeper! I will be adding this to my recipe collection! Thanks so much!

  20. "The time of the white man is over. We can move foraward with the rest of the country or keep living in the past." –JSM (come again?)Does this mean the time is over for "same-sex marriage", possibly the most twisted idea ever to come out of the skull of the white man? It's too barbaric even for the Africans!"Foraward" ho!

  21. I mean, I agree, and yes there are moments where I add people on Twitter, and I have never met but I ground that in the basis that I like what I’ve read by them, like you for instance. The rest of my friends on Twitter are with that in mind or I’ve actually met them. I’m pretty close to deleting myspace, because when the proprietor of the site starts spamming you with messages for Viagra, I think its time to eject it. So I use Facebook for people I actually know and met but Myspace, really, for networking I guess. Does this sound objectionable?

  22. No tengo palabras para agradecerte esta reseña tan dulce y amable. El que te hayas tomado el tiempo y trabajo de recomendar mi curso significa mucho para mi.Un amapuche inmenso ♥

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  24. my older one would bite, scratch, hit, foam at the mouth when i pretty much tried to do anything resembling maintenance. did? hell, she still does.so, i clipped her nails while she slept. who cares that stray nails found their way into her open slumbering mouth, the fact that no one was harmed during the process was good enough for me.

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  26. So what happened when eHow decided to clone the whole eHow.com site as a allegedly eHow UK site. Many of the writers took a big hit in earnings as a result. eHow then redirected URLs but the redirects caused many pages to fall from the SERPs completely, even when searching for the exact article title. I can't see the point of geo-localization when the information is universal like most eHow articles. Is the information in this article still correct?

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  29. I have an iPhone 3G, which I guess is the 2nd generation. I would love to upgrade to a 4, but it’s not a “need” right now. I love my iPhone’s features but not the phone part so much, although it does seem to be improving (reception-wise). Otherwise, I’m pretty much addicted to my iPhone. It was especially wonderful when I had a newborn and wanted to connect with the rest of the world without leaving my couch, check Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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  35. Hi Starlino,Many thanks for the wonderful tutorial. I’ve got a question about the getting Euler angles from the gyro output. I’ve read somewhere that Gyro output (rad/s) is not the derivative of Euler angles. So can we actually integrate Gyro output(rad/s),w=[wx,wy,wz]to get Euler angles?? (Euler angles= wx(dt),wy(dt),wz(dt)??)Thank you!!Really appreciate it.

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  37. Courtney – Hey Shannon!This is an oldie but a goodie…anything by Ritchie Havens, you know he opened at Woodstock, and he is way cooler than you think, big, deep, voice, very hippie-ish but very cool…check him out…you girlie, have serious rub-on skills, righteous bloggin skills, and rockin sticker skills!Have a great Tuesday!Courtney

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  40. Linda Higgs, makes Puglia sound so inviting. Her picturesque writing sounds like a submergence into an Olive Tree culture for those who are caught in a Lexus world where everything is (as my Italian nother used to say)…rush…rush…rush. For most of us whose roots are in the soil that produces olives and grapes, a periodic return to these places would be revitalizing and restful. Thanks, John B

  41. The best part about facebook has been working on the IPO. Incrediblly smart management, great team and a classic silicon valley story.On the downside, i had to miss my son’s first birthday, but that’s what i signed up for as a banker – there are sacrifices to make sure the client’s IPO will be a success. Of course, there are a ton of folks who simply detest Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos and Larry Page. But as long as the IPO’s pay my bank a resonable fee, I’ll be around to make sure the founders and VCs get their well deserved return on investment.

  42. SO given this disgusting history of this filthy country called Turkey, why did PM Bibi and his munchkin ( barak ) wish Erdogan the best on his recent victory? The same reason that Bibi ( according to Ha aretz) is open to a 2 state solution: he is a composite of Bill Clinton/GWB II. A mystery seeking to feather his own nest when he is no longer PM a la Tony Blair. I hope that Johnathan his heroic late brother is waiting for him in heaven with Hank Aaron's baseball bat. And I hope he puts it to good use.

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  48. Yeah, like the outside of my dome got hailed on or something and developed some dented patches. Or maybe my sky is just an elaborate color-changing curtain that has come unpinned in some places. Oh, crap! My mom must have gotten tired of the lies and taken off for her real home in . . . CANADA.

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  51. … It’s the white folks who invented and impose PC and the policies that enabled immigrants ,etc..To scapegoat the immigrants is to miss the bigger problem.I wouldn’t say scapegoating. After all, it takes two to tango. Those immigrants didn’t have to come, much less with nefarious objectives. But nonetheless, both sides are to blame. And it certainly is true that if said policies weren’t implemented and persued, these problems wouldn’t have come about.Papabear…I agree. Although it won’t be pretty, the sooner it happens the better (in the grander scheme of things).

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