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  1. …Wow, there were so many parts I was taken away in. The descriptions of “our” experience was like a heavenly acid trip, I was captivated and let this savory story roll around on my spirit’s tongue! Loved it! My favorite line was, “Drink to grow,”….the explanation of joy was an awesome trip as well. All in all it was so much fun to read and enjoy!!

  2. A minha opinião? A minha opinião é de que esse executivo é um ridículo. Será que ele não acompanha os números estatísticos sobre os consoles?Provavelmente ele não conhece os jogos do WiiWare, que são um sopro de originalidade, inovação e criatividade no meio de tanta mesmice da indústria, principalmente jogos como o Battlefield dele.Novamente: ele é um ridículo que não sabe o que fala.

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  4. OMG, ‘corporal jets’??? It’s ‘corporate’, stupid. You’re proof positive that your parents don’t have the brainpower to fuck in any position other than missionary. Your daddy’s weak sperm had a chance in your mom because of gravity and that’s how you were made. Next time you lie, do better research. Your posts are? the best comedy I’ve read here in ages. Plebe.

  5. Anonymous July 24, 2011 4:40:00 PM EDT wrote:who, exactly, has determined that these devices provide improved outcomes, are less costly, and do not promote new errors?Someone must have, somewhere, while refuting all evidence to the contrary, or else our government would not be pushing these medical devices on 300 million people. Um…right?– SS

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  8. hahaha Janine – I love that you have the same response! I love, too, how there’s only that one small clock over the front desk – i would glance at it during the “laps’ round the gym – but other than that, you can’t see it. So I can easier just go into a zone with the bag – and not be counting the minutes.Also, it appears that I have completely forgotten how to jump rope. I used to jump rope all the time when I was little – now I’m like: Uhm … how do you do this again???

  9. An outstanding and right on the money essay, Baron. And Zenster's comments are spot on, as usual. The refusal to name the real culprit for the terrorism, Islam, is a key element in all this. Watching the contortions people in the US government go into just to avoid the truth about Islam would be amusing if it didn't constitute such a real threat to our safety and well being. Sadly, it goes back to GW Bush and his "Islam is a Religion of Peace" bunk. I wonder how much better things might be if we had leaders with the courage to call Islam what it is.

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  12. Albanians control 80% of Hungarian drugs; Czechs attribute 70% of drug distribution to Kosovo Albanians… the Azuri coast in Spain is controlled by the Kosovo Albanian Mafia… (Partly from: Kosovo Albanian Criminal Enterprise, by M. Bozinovich February 11, 2007)

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  16. I forgot Jurassic Park and The Shining! I also like Kubrick's adaptation of A Clockwork Orange, even though Burgess wasn't exactly pleased with Kubrick (hmm, that happens a lot). Dr. Strangelove is my absolute favorite movie, also an adaptation, though I've never read the book and I think it takes a lot of liberties. For the best, of course. Stanley Kubrick: master book adapter and author irritant. ETA: I forgot 2001: A Space Odyssey. I know it bores some people, but I adore it.

  17. 1. that’s a rumor. There’s absolutely no evidence that Baden Powell was gay. As I assume you were implying. Like many others have claimed without justification.2. If a particular sect of Christianity did some things that weren’t so fitting of the organization…that means that Christianity is inherently wrong/immoral/etc?It sure doesn’t equate to gay acts among teens and a “resource” center established to normalize their behavior.

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  20. I think that is a hat I could live with. It probably won’t flatten my hair. I do without them for mostly that reason. I try to use gift yarns for myself as well. It feels wrong to give them away to someone else. Louiz has good taste! The color suits you (blue seems to be your color) and the gold bits are just fun.

  21. The only thing that happens behind the Orange curtain is celebrated racism…divine right…extra-marital affairs with inlaws…wild cocaine parties…and satanic rituals involving neglected minors executing innocent cats found out somewhere between turtle rock and Coto So not much different than any other place in this wonderful country.

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  25. August 4, 2009 Hey morsec0de, welcome to the blog.I still prefer my suggestion of what we should ‘do’. I’m suggesting preaching the good news that Jesus is the free offer of righteousness, life and peace. And He’s offered even to atheists rejecting Him.Given the life that’s on offer here, this seems like a much more loving strategy than just ‘live and let live’. And seems a lot friendlier than starting up a ‘Freedom from Atheists Foundation.’

  26. Du har ret… Jeg tror egentlig at jeg “undskylder” fødselsberetningen, for at advare dem der ikke har børn og hader den slags – det er nok mest noget man gider læse, hvis man selv har født, eller snart skal – tænker jeg?Jeg elsker selv at læse fødselshistorier, men blev meget pinligt berørt nÃ¥r folk talte om fødsler, før jeg fik børn selv…

  27. That’s such a good comeback! You do get such odd comments / looks for daring to take a baby into central London – next time I hear something I’ll give them your response. A nursery attached to your work sounds great though, so handy (plus you’d get to drop by any time you wanted wouldn’t you?)

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  29. “…oder kauft versehentlich studivz..” sehr geil. Na das sind ja mal endlich Erklärungen, die meinen Eltern helfen werden, meine Internetwelt zu verstehen, wobei ich auch bei einigen Portalen eine echte Bedrohung sehe, wie leichtfertig manche Menschen mit ihren Daten im Netz hantieren..

  30. Gonzo: ale przecież sÄ… filmy, komiksy, cokolwiek, o których jesteÅ› w stanie jednoznacznie stwierdzić, że sÄ… „zÅ‚e” i na 100 proc. znajdzie siÄ™ ktoÅ›, kto powie „wcale nie”. PawÅ‚owi ten film nie spodobaÅ‚ siÄ™ aż tak bardzo i chyba nie ma w tym nic takiego, bo sam w swojej obronie „Wolverina” jesteÅ› równie kategoryczny.

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  32. I HATE these fucking changes they are really really shit. i love youtube but with these new changes u have compleatly fucked it up, thanks. u can never keep things the way they are, i mean why do u keep updating youtube, who r u trying 2 compeat with hua? its a bit confussing now. it was soooo much better when it was nice and simple.

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  39. mate, but I can’t figure out why our normally sexy, happy Scot was so pissed off……..hope she’ll let us know soon …………… Hey Ed, just move your mouse pointer over the smiley face and they will tell you what they’re made of …………….get it?! ……………… Tony MrT

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  41. Can I just say what a reduction to search out someone who truly knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You positively know how to bring a problem to light and make it important. Extra people must learn this and perceive this aspect of the story. I cant believe youre no more standard since you undoubtedly have the gift.

  42. Power and Privalidge, baiting, manipulation, those who would sell their souls, It is hard to comprehend the Democrat mindset, or those that rush to war for economic gain knowing it won't be their children dying, or economic rape, knowing they have hedged the bet in their favor, "Evil", where does this behavior come from?

  43. [..YouTube..] Great Video !!!!!!!! Great conversation, Its about time that we get our STOMP on? You ready. TO GET YOUR STOMP ON???? I know that 444 seamed a little disappointing to you, BUT that said 555 has something to say about it. We all slide,we all slip we all expect more than we should of ourselves GOD MADE HUMANS HE DID NOT MAKE US GODS if he did we would not have this community. We are real people FIGHTING A REAL FIGHT. you are focused , working hard and you will see what you want to C ctrygirl555

  44. It behooves Rep. Issa to investigate the deception and fraud of the HIT industry. Simply follow the money and ask, why is the FDA not regulating the devices produced by the HIT industry and what did the Secretary of HHS say to the leadership of the FDA on same issue?

  45. i use the SSD in the Macbook Air solely for OS, application and documents. Photos, videos, downloads, etc are stored at the moment on an SD card and when Nifty arrives they will be on the microSd card. This is to avoid excessive overwriting on the SSD because this is known to cause the SSD to slow down over time (plenty of detailed articles on anandtech.com for this).The fact that Apple haven’t included deep sleep (hybernation/standby?) as a power saving option (for Macbook Air at least, don’t know about MBP) also makes me wonder about deep sleep.So more reading necessary.

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  49. Perso, l’idée d’être enterré ailleurs ne me pose pas de problème particulier. Je crois d’ailleurs que le jeune juif, Illan Halimi, assassiné l’année dernière, est enterré en Israël.Non, ce qui ne va pas c’est ce qui se passe dans les cités. Voilà.

  50. Igual que Carmen y tú, muchas mujeres tienen que enfrentar tan profundo sufrimiento mientras están embarazadas. Recuerda que el embarazo es un periodo crítico transitorio. Si la pareja es fuerte podría aprender a sanar sus heridas pero un preceso largo y difícil. Abrazos.

  51. Det var en himlans spekulerande om Svarten som muslim, jag har lite svÃ¥rt förstÃ¥ det där. Nästan sÃ¥ att man inte kan skriva om islamisk kultur utan att "misstankas" vara muslim .)!Det skulle dock vara intressant veta vad som orsakade din resa till Västafrika och de länderna… särskilt under sÃ¥ lÃ¥ng pass tid. Och Malaysia dessutom. Jobbade du där eller var det längre semesterresor?

  52. glad to see the comment about facebook from someone else. it's broken for me too and a strange way. i can sign in but i only see a handful of news events. any attempt to look at messages or notifications from the menu pops up a blank box that remains empty while the cursor suggests that it is fetching information. anyone else having this problem?

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  55. Sheryl, my kids are grown and flown from the nest, but being strict with them when they were younger has paid off. In fact, they’ve thanked me often. I made them do their own laundry at age 8, even my son, and he was the only boy in his dorm who didn’t have a girlfriend just to do his laundry! On to your wonderful book. And it IS wonderful. Such an imaginative story filled with intrigue and magic and romance. I loved it. Wishing you many sales, Pat

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  61. "the UK's so- called isolation now is akin to standing on the quayside at Southampton, watching the Titanic sail off into the distance". I think I read on here once something like "we are moving back toward the nation state, not away from it". Is that one if yours, Daniel? I couldn't agree more…

  62. field, you wrote:n_s, I know you are not going to hold a running count on who has the wackiest candidates for office. Come on, you know the R's win that one hands down.Wrong. In fairness, the nut quotient of the two parties is about equal. But when you extend the analysis to the oddball parties, things change. There are more people in the screwball lefty/liberal parties than the conservative/right wing groups.

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  67. She’s not the only one. I’ve never seen a picture of Duffy scantily clad and she’s not overweight. Estelle, Santogold and M.I.A. haven’t been depicted that way. Lily Allen sings about sex but she doesn’t use it to sell her records. And leaving the Brits, you mentioned Taylor Swift.I find Adele refreshing because, regardless of how she’s photographed, there is nothing cookie cutter about her. Not her look or her personality. I’m sure lots of young talented women who look like Adele see her as a great inspiration.

  68. Since you can do Sort by Views, Sort by Date, Sort by Rating; why have you removed them!????????????? That seems like the biggest step backwards in the history of this site. The only thing that springs to my mind is for censorship reasons. Thanks for proving us right – the nail in the coffin guys.

  69.   September 20, 2010>Good luck with catching up on everything. I can't imagine the stress you're under right now.Have to tell you that people (even over at Goodreads) keep asking me who Faythe chooses. I refuse to tell them. I think it would be very unfair to you – after all it's your baby and it shouldn't be spoiled.

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